What is a ‘Cult Film’? In this modern era, has the definition changed? It’s never been an easy question to answer, period, leaning more on personal intuition than a concrete definition. Carol Schultz quips in her introduction to Videohound’s Cult Flicks and Trash Pics (essentially the bible of my middle-and high-school years) “It’s hard to define ‘cult film.’ Like porn (sometimes in many ways), you know it when you see it.” Which films are included or excluded can very greatly from person to person. Some see certain big-budget movies as cult, given the right circumstances. Others have more strict criteria, limiting the title ‘Cult Films’ to a small number of obscure, ‘pure’ features. There are even those who argue in this age of digital home-media and file-sharing, the ‘Cult Film’ is dead.

The main question I seek to explore is this: “Is the Cult Film dead?” And if it isn’t— how do we define it in the year 2016?

You get my random musings, opinions, and attempts at defining this sprawling, boundary-breaking genre.


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